About PIH Network


Members of the PIH Community seek to harness the power of interactive technologies to support problem-based historical inquiry (PBHI).
The PIH approach adheres to several basic principles:

  • The study of history is organized around fundamental, recurring societal questions.
  • Teachers engage their students in encounters with rich, multimedia historical artifacts so that they acquire deep historical understandings about the complexity of historical interpretation.
  • Multimedia technology provides more realistic encounters with history and tools for supporting sutdent thinking about context and issues.
  • Historical inquiry results in students making informed judgments about the unit question that they can defend with evidence.

PIH members have access to tools and resources specifically designed to help social studies teachers designa and implement PBHI activities in their classrooms. These include:

  • Curriculum Construction Tools: Curriculum Organizer, Unit Creator, Lesson Creator, Activity Creator, Resource Creator
  • Wise Practice Case Database: Video cases and corresponding lesson materials
  • Community Tools: Group Organizer, Chat Function, Message Function