PIH Framework

History Study for Developing Civic Competence
The primary goal of all social studies courses in the school curriculum should be to prepare students to be responsible democratic citizens. The practice of responsible democratic citizenship requires formidable knowledge, abilities, and dispositions. Citizens must be able to use these capabilities in concert to reason together about the issues of democratic life. History study, properly organized, provides tools for helping citizens make sense of the world.

Persistent Issues in History Network
The Persistent Issues in History curriculum framework organizes pre-collegiate history study around fundamental, enduring questions that societies have struggled with over time such as: “When are citizens justified in resisting governmental authority?” The Persistent Issues in History Network supports teachers and students as they engage in problem-based historical inquiry (PBHI), critically weighing evidence and using knowledge generated from sound historical analysis to inform their decisions about essential societal questions.

Resources for Promoting PIH Problem-Based Inquiry
Through the PIH Network site, the PIH community of historians, history educators, teachers, and technology specialists offers numerous resources to support the development and implementation of PBHI units. These include models of powerful PIH lessons in the Wise Practice Case Database as well as authoring and collaboration tools for constructing and sharing on-line curriculum with other members of the PIH community.