SSI Curriculum Matrix

Socio-Scientific Issue
Academic Content
Driving Question
Possible Curriculum Design
Human Genome Information
[Secondary Classroom]
genetics, DNA, gene engineering
Who Owns Rights ToPharmacogeneticInformation?
Students read an article by Dr. Carol Isaacson Barash on drugs developed for individuals and more recent information from the National Human Genome Research Institute, and explore the ethical concerns related to pharmacogenetics.
Human Cloning
[Secondary Classroom]
genetics, DNA, gene engineering
Human Cloning: Is it biological plagiarism?
Students read an article by Dr. Glenn McGee on ethics and human cloning, research the issue, and develop perspectives of different stakeholder groups in a role play activity or present what they have learned to their peers.
Neuroscience & Ethics
[Secondary Classroom]
anatomy, body systems
Has Our Knowledge of Neuroscience Led to Ethical Dilemmas?
Students watch a series of videos on the Genes to Cognition website and then explore the issues surrounding neuroethics.
Mass Extinction & Human Roles
[Secondary Classroom]
ecology, human impact on environment, adaptations
Extinction: Is it inevitable?
Students read an article by Dr. Niles Eldredge on mass extinctions and the "Sixth Extinction" and then explore ways humans can address the issue.
Endangered Species & Conservation
[Secondary Classroom]
adaptations, human impact on environment, extinction
Which Strategy is Best to Ensure the Conservation of Endangered Species? 
Students share their viewpoints on the role of zoos in the conservation of endangered species and explore a real controversy about tiger conservation strategies.
Interdependence within an Ecosystem
[Primary Classroom]
ecology, food web, food chain, interdependence
Canada Goose: A Pest or a Natural Treasure?
Students will apply what they have learned about a food chain, a food web, an energy pyramid, and the interdependence of organisms in an ecosystem to a debate regarding the Canada Goose.
Water Pollution
[Primary Classroom]
human impact on environment, pollution, water properties
Are We Over-treating Our Drinking Water?
Students get into exploring the sources of our drinking water, possible pollutants, the effects of these pollutants, the possible concerns with over-treating drinking water, etc.
Organic Farming
[Primary Classroom]
soil conservation, soil properties, plant growth & development, pollution
Is Organic Farming Really Healthier?
Students explore soil composition, plant development, possible effects of hybridization on our health, etc.
Issues surrounding Bike Helmet Laws
[Primary Classroom]
forces, motion, friction, velocity